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The Village Apartments "Gems of Bequia"

 Things To Know___

Entry Requirements-

  • Passport/Visa:   Visas are not required. Citizens of Canada and the UK can visit with proof of citizenship in the form of a birth certificate or voter's registration card, accompanied by an official photo ID. Citizens of other countries must have a valid passport. A return or onward ticket is required of all visitors. For those wishing to stay more than one month, you must apply for a 3 month extension at the Immigration Office in Port Elizabeth. A fee of $25 EC is charged.

  •  U.S. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative requirements. The United States has enacted a new rules that require Americans to show passports when returning from the Caribbean.

  • Vaccinations:   A vaccination certificate is required only of  travelers older than 1 year arriving from infected areas.

Airport Tax-
There is a departure tax of EC $40.

Time Zone-
Atlantic Standard Time (Eastern + 1), GMT/UTC minus 4 hours. April - October is the same as US Eastern Daylight time as daylight savings time is not observed.

Nine miles south of St. Vincent (45 min. by ferry, 10 min. by air),  45 min. by air west of Barbados, 30 min. north of Grenada, 20 min. south of St. Lucia, 2 hr. 20 min. southeast of Puerto Rico. See location map

Is 220-240V, 50Hz, if you are coming from the U.S. you'll need transformers and/or plug converters for battery chargers, strobes and computers. The outlet format is the same as the UK. Some hotels and guest houses may have transformers available but it's best to enquire prior to arrival, or bring what you'll need.
 outlet configuration -electrical outlet configuration

Cell Phones/Internet/TV-
Digicel and Lime (Caribbean Cable and Wireless) provide cell phone service. Lime provides Internet (ADSL) via their land lines as well. Karib Cable, the local cable television company, also provide Internet Service. Several Internet Cafes and many restaurants, hotels, and villas and dive shops offer WiFi service. Cell phones are GSM, check with your home provider about roaming charges or purchase a sim card and minutes locally for your unlocked phone. Quad band unlocked phones provide the most options as Digicel and Lime operate on different frequencies. Another option is to purchase a cheap cell phone locally and pay for minutes used.

Dive Gear/C-Card-
There are currently two Dive Shops on Bequia and both have quality, well serviced gear waiting for you if you'd like to travel lightly. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own gear.  Dive skins or light weight wetsuits are also available though not a necessity. Spear fishing is illegal by foreigners, so leave them at home. Remember if you want to dive, don't forget to bring your certification card, though PADI divers can be looked up online by the dive shop.

 Average winter temperature is 75F, and daytime winter usually is around 84F.  Dry season is Jan - April, rainy season July - October.  Average annual rainfall is 80" on the coast of St. Vincent and 150" inland on St. Vincent, considerably less on Bequia and the other Grenadines. Rains are usually quick and intense and conveniently quite often at night during the dry season.
Hurricanes very rarely venture as far south as Bequia. Surges from hurricanes further north have hit the island a few times in recent history and caused temporary beach erosion. Summer temperatures are usually only a few degrees warmer and waters and winds are calmer.
Average summer temperature is 87F.

The tap water is generally safe to drink, as it is collected rain water. Bottled water for drinking is also available. Hot water showers, either solar heated or electrically heated, are the norm at the various properties. The Grenadines are drier than the larger islands with no streams or lakes, so please do conserve the fresh water. Ocean water temperatures average 79-82F.

Many lodging establishments are screened and/or have netting for your bed. Mosquitoes are not usually as big a problem as they can be on some Caribbean islands, but for those who are extra sensitive, a repellant with 30% DEET will provide adequate protection for evenings. 3M's Ultrathon has been used successfully by the UK and US military for over 10 years. You can purchase it from Travel Medicine online. Some additional recommendations are available at International Travel Healthline.

There are no poisonous snakes and few mammals other than dogs, cats and an occasional goat, sheep, or cow in some areas of the island. Geckos and larger iguanas can be seen sunning themselves if you take walks around the island. Mockingbirds, Bananaquits, Blackbirds, Frigates, and Antiguan hummingbirds, are a few of the many birds you'll see and hear.

Dress is informal. Light weight slacks, shorts, t-shirts, light dresses, sneakers, sandals are fine. Breathable cotton garments are the most comfortable. A light jacket is advisable for breezy evenings, and cover-up clothing, a hat, and sun block are essential. Don't forget swim suits and a beach towel. Women and men should wear swimsuit cover-ups in town. Please remember, you are a guest in this country, topless/nude sunbathing is not acceptable, please respect local mores and laws. Camouflage clothing is illegal wear for civilians, please leave it at home to avoid problems.

 For US and European visitors there is no need to exchange currency in advance of your arrival. The official exchange rate of the Eastern Caribbean dollar is indexed to the US dollar and, usually stands at $1 US = $2.67 EC. Hotels, stores, and restaurants will sometimes round to $2.60 or $2.70. Travelers checks are accepted many places as well as Visa, and Mastercard. There are two ATM's and two banks on the island for cashing travelers checks if you wish. The US dollar is widely accepted but it is always a good idea to acquire EC dollars for small items, taxis, drinks, etc. Remember the island currency is dollars (Eastern Caribbean) so most prices are quoted in dollars. If you are unsure which is being quoted just ask, to avoid any confusion. Use the Personal Currency Assistant for conversion information.

 A 10% service charge is added by most hotels and restaurants.  If no service charge is added, leave 10% of the bill, for excellent service larger amounts are always appreciated.  SVG has joined with many of the other Caribbean nations in instituting a Value Added Tax (VAT) in January of 2007. The VAT of 15%  enacted in 2007 replaces the old tax system. The VAT on hotels is 10%. When getting a room quote it's always a good idea to clarify if it is inclusive of VAT and service charge.

Meals / Night Life-
 Meal cost ranges from quite reasonable to gourmet type prices. Restaurants offering Caribbean, Italian, French, Mexican, International, steak, and lobster, should please most tastes. If anything is missing it might be US style fast food. It's replaced by a Caribbean food called Roti, a wrap of a thin flat bread around curried potatoes, with chicken, beef, pork, conch or vegetables, not to be missed!  Pizza, sandwiches, and BBQ are also available. Good fresh produce, seafood, and canned goods are readily available for those wishing to cook. As a major yacht provisioning stop, Bequia has much to offer.

Night Life centers around the hotels and restaurants. An informal rotation insures entertainment available at different venues every night. Live local music consisting of Steel band, jazz, Caribbean folk, string band, reggae, DJ, Caribbean rock and R&B are usually represented. Occasional festivals, full moon BBQ's, and holiday celebrations round out the offerings, often with live music. A weekly listing can be seen on  "Bequia This Week".

Additional Notes-
Bequia is a laid back island, where you can get away, relax, forget your worries and  recharge. There are no casinos, personal watercraft (jet skis), discos, wild nightlife, etc. It is a place of friendly people, natural beauty, and life centered around the sea. If this appeals to you we can almost guarantee you will want to be among the many travelers who return year after year.

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